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Selling a luxury property is about more than simply providing a house to an executive or family – it’s about pairing the perfect property with the sought after high-end lifestyle, comfort and amenities. It’s about matching a new owner to their dream home and reaping the benefiting from doing it properly.

As a sales partner with Golden Properties, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that, building on your own career success while you offer a valuable and professional service to high-end buyers.

* Success based royalty fee of 5% per successful sale on gross commission applies.

* Only qualified estate agents.

Why choose a career as an Estate Agent?

As a sales partner, there are a number of benefits you can enjoy:

Flexibility – You are largely responsible for determining your hours and meeting times, offering you the kind of flexibility that most careers cannot afford you. Of course, the more you put in, the more you will reap financial rewards.

Skill acquisition – As an estate agent or sales partner, you will gain a number of valuable business skills through administration and working “in the field” with potential buyers. These will serve you, not only in the real estate business, but also in various career endeavours, and can be helpful in developing you as an entrepreneur and, subsequently, a better and wealthier agent. Various forms of training are available to help familiarise agents with property law and sales, which means an ongoing opportunity to grow.

Making use of your natural talents – Are you a peoples person with a gift for understanding wants and needs? This could be an excellent opportunity for you to make the most of those gifts, combined with hard work and diligence.

Highly developed and maintained systems to help you sell – In the past few years, the property business, and real estate business, in general, has become a well-regulated environment and continues to grow as foreign investors see the potential in local properties. This means all the administrative systems are in place to help you thrive.

Unlimited earning potential  - There is no limit to what you can achieve as an estate agent except for those you place on yourself. With this unlimited earning potential, ambitious and talented agents can look forward to great financial rewards and successes. This is especially true in the high-end market as percentage-based commissions are highly enticing, given the value of luxury property.

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